72% - OST

The lack of water has changed the rules of society as we knew it.
Those who have not yet died try to survive in a hostile and desolate environment.

Made of 72% water, human beings need to keep this percentage stable
in order to maintain the fragile balance upon which their lives depend.

72 % could be an allegory, a fable, a dystopian tale or even a dream. It is an abstract story full of symbolism but told in a highly detailed and realistic way.

That was the starting point and the main idea to compose the soundtrack. All the music is created from recorded traditional instruments but distorted, manipulated and edited in the studio in a way that the soundtrack keeps a subtile balance between musical classic standards and abstract sound design.


Director – Lluís Quílez
Script – Lluís Quílez, Sandra Travé
Producers – Lluís Quílez, Sandra Travé
Associate Producers – Carles Isern, Miguel Gómez
Assistant director – Guillem Coma
Music – Iván Cester, Javier Bayón
Director of photography – Alberto Bañares
Art Director – Txarly Gómez
Costume designer – Giovanna Ribes
Make up artist – África Pérez
Sound – Jordi Cirbian
Sound Design – David Rodríguez Montero
Editing – J.L. Romeu, Pau Morell
VFX Supervisor – Luis Tinoco


Old Woman: Francesca McGill
Brave man: Florin Opritescu
Fool: José García
Mother: Diaryatou Daff
Fat man: Ferran Gadea