La Increible is a studio based in Barcelona and created by Iván Cester and Javier Gimeno-Bayon in 2015. Our main focus is Music, Sound Design, Interactivity and Cognition.

We have more than 10 years of research experience in the field of applied Neurosciences and data analysis, and dozens of musical projects in film scoring, advertising, music albums, video-mapping, installations, and generative music to name some. Our passion is to explore the capability of sound and music as a dramatic media. We created La Increible as a blender, a place to put all our ideas and experiences and see what comes up.

Our mission is to generate challenging experiences  away from the standard techniques and setups by exploring the boundaries of music and sound.


Festival de Cannes 2016:

Juanjo Gimenez Peña’ s Shortfilm “Timecode” with OST by La Increible was awarded with the Palme d’ Or at the Cannes Cinema Festival 2016.

la increible

Zurich Film Festival:

Orbital debris was awarded with the Golden eye to the best international Film composer 2016.

Sitges 2015 International Film Festival:

10 Miles to Bisbee was awarded for best score by SGAE Nova Autoria Awards at the Sitges 2015 International Film Festival.

Music HackDay Barcelona 2015:

Closed Loop was awarded as the best EEG/ECG-based systems for emotional communication in real time.

Fens Forum Video Contest:

Join The Game was awarded with the 1st Price at the Fens Forum Video Contest.