72% – OST

Director: Lluis Quilez
Music: La Increible
Produced by: Euphoria Productions

Timecode – OST

Director: Juanjo Gimenez Peña
Music: La Increible
Produced by: Nadir Films SL

Sharjah Light Festival 2016 (United Arab Emirates) – Mapping at Al Qasba facade

Mapping: Tigrelab
Music & Sound Design: La Increible

Closed Loop II

Interactive Multimedia Performance: La Increible & Tigrelab

10 Miles to Bisbee – OST

Director: Oriol Rigata
Music: La Increible
Performed: Discordian Community Orchestra

An Object at Rest – OST

Music: Javier Bayón (La increible)
Produced by:

Donosti European Capital of Culture 2016 Opening Ceremony final show

Ceremony director: Hänzel Cereza
Closing show design and production: Tigrelab
Closing show music and sound design: La Increible

Brain Polyphony Concert

Research Project: CRG,University of Barcelona, Starlab, La increible
Concert music, orchestration, conduction and software: La Increible


10 Miles to Bisbee – The Album

Music: Javier Bayón, El Pricto, Owen Kilfeather, Iván Cester
Produced by: Discordian Records & La Increible
Performed: Discordian Community Orchestra

Join The Game

Director: La Increible – University of Barcelona
Direction: La Increible
Cell recording: La Increible