San Sebastian: European Capital of Culture 2016

San Sebastian was chosen European Capital of Culture 2016. Puente para la Convivencia  (Bridge for the Coexistance) is the name of the opening ceremony, directed by Hänsel Cereza. The show took place in the bridge of Maria Cristina and mixed Basc traditions with new technologies. For the closing show of the ceremony Tigrelab studio design a multimedia performance with over a 100 lights by the river side and sync them with the projection, LED lights and flamethrowers. La increible was in charge of the original music for this final show.


Project: Opening Ceremony for San Sebastian Capital of Culture 2016
Location: Maria Cristina Bridge, San Sebastian
Director of Ceremony: Hansel Cereza
Producer of Ceremony: Susana Jove

Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics: Tigrelab
Technical counseling: Tigrelab
Visuals: Tigrelab
Lighting Technician: Lluís Martí
AV Technicians: Eikonos
Leds Mapping: Proto-Pixel
Audio Multimedia Show: La Increible