Timecode - OST

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day…

Timecode is a short film directed by Juanjo Giménez with music by La increible. It has been awarded with more than 70 prices around the world, including the “Palme d’ Or” at Cannes Festival 2016 and Best Original Score at Cortogenia 2016, Goya Awards 2017 and nomimated to the Oscar Awards 2017.


Director: Juanjo Giménez

Screenplay: Pere Altimira, Juanjo Giménez

Production company: Nadir Films, ECIR

Producer: Juanjo Giménez, Daniel Villanueva, Arturo Méndiz

Cinematography: Pere Pueyo

Edition: Silvia Cervantes

Sound: Xavi Saucedo

Art direction: Daniel G. Blanco

Music: Iván Cester

Cast: Lali Ayguadé, Nicolas Ricchini, Vicente Gil, Pep Domenech


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Selected Press

“Needless to say, the music, composed by Iván Cester, perfectly augments each and every scene to fill the air with unspoken words with each note that is struck.”    Reel Honest Reviews

“With the wonderfully apropos musical efforts provided by composer Iván Cester, “Timecode” yet again represents the incredible creative flow being experienced within the independent film ranks all over the world,…”  One Film Fan

“…Iván Céster’s original score is captivating, weaving in and out to leave some moments dead silent and lending others a reserved beauty. It doesn’t break ground as far as what’s expected from an independent short, but it’s done so masterfully it hardly matters.”  Culture War Reporters.

“…la dança i la música son peçes claus.”  TV3 – Tele Noticies

“Juanjo Gimenez i Iván Cester presenten Timecode”  El Mati – Radio 4

“Timecode”  Hoy Empieza Todo – Radio 3